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After anaesthetics

General Anaesthesia or Sedation Post-Op Instructions

•   After General Anaesthesia or Sedation, immediately go home and take it easy for the next 24hrs.

•   Once you are home, eat lightly the remainder of the day. Eat a sufficient quantity of nutritious food (example; soup & cooked vegetables) to maintain your nutritional intake. Start out with clear fluids.

•   The following day, begin to resume your usual dietary intake carefully and gradually without overloading your stomach.

•   No activities. (No Driving, No operating equipment, No important business calls, No physical activities for the next 24hrs.)

•   You may resume normal activities the next day.

•   As usual after dental anaesthetic, be careful not to bite your lip or tongue.

•   It’s normal to experience some hot, cold and pressure sensitivity after your appointment. Your gums may be sore for several days. Rinse three times a day with warm salt water (put a tsp. of salt in a cup of warm water, rinse-swish-spit) to reduce pain and swelling.

•   Do not take any additional medications following your appointment. There could be a serious reaction between the medications we administered to you and your drugs.

•   Do not nurse an infant if you are breastfeeding.

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