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It's the teeth that should have centre stage...

Balance your Smile…

Imagine your smile is a framed picture. There are 3 elements – the frame (lips), the matting (gums) and the picture (teeth). It's the combination of all three that defines the image and if they are not balanced and harmonized it won't look right.

When some people smile there seems to be more gums showing than teeth. It's called a gummy smile. An uneven gum-line can also make the teeth appear to have different lengths. This detracts from the appearance of what might otherwise be an attractive smile. It's the teeth that should have centre stage and there is a relatively simple procedure to achieve this. It's called a gum lift.

Gum lifting and re-shaping (gingivectomy) is a simple procedure to correct the “gummy smile” or uneven gum line. It requires the removal of gum to make the teeth appear longer and the gum-line even.

How is it performed?

The procedure involves numbing the area and removing the excess gum, which alters the shape and size in order to recover more of the tooth's surface. The procedure is not painful, but some mild discomfort can be expected a day or two afterwards. We instruct our patients to use an antiseptic mouth rinse and apply upward pressure on the gums as they heal. The gum is not damaged and the procedure can usually be completed in about 30 minutes.

Improving gum conditions

Other conditions like fibrous, overgrown gums, excess of gums covering teeth and uneven gums can be re-shaped to improve overall appearance.

If you think your smile needs some balance, contact A1 Belconnen dental surgery today.


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